XEC exchanges in the world
Exchanges of Eternal Coin are available in 3 countries; the Philippines, Japan and Hong Kong currently.
You can transact between wallet users in those countries easily and you will be able to withdraw without high exchange rate there when you visit.
E-counters are also in Tokyo and NY. Get local cash easily!
With Eternal Coin, you can pay for food and services at our member stores, Eternal Square.
More than 100 member stores are available.
Low-cost Fees
Transfer money worldwide with Eternal wallet!
Just compare our fees to bank or remittance companies. Low-cost fees can be offered because we use the most convenient system which was created by a Japanese company, Atom Solutions.
No need to worry about the high fees you used to be charged.
There is no upper or lower limit for withdrawals.
Request us an amount you need from 1 peso and only 1 % will be charged as withdrawal fees.
Easy to start with a small amount!
DOT function and Donation
50 % of all transactions and transfer fees are distributed once a week among wallet users according to how many XEC you hold. Check your wallet on every Wednesday. Happy Wednesday for you!
You can also donate Eternal Coin to multiple organizations around the world.
Please check the organizations accepting XEC on your wallet. If you are charitable organizations, we are happy to help you.
24/7 Transactions
Transactions are available 24/7.
In a few clicks then your request will be made immediately on your wallet. If you have any difficulties with our services, our support team is always ready to help you with any questions.
There are many ways to contact us.
By email, phone and our homepage. SNS are also available to reach us.
Please feel free to contact us and let us know what your concern is.
Help us with...
We sometimes need your help.
Our request will be posted on Twitter when we need your help. If you think you can help us with it, please tweet us back.
You will get XEC from us once we get the solution.
For instance, we will constantly request you to send us a picture of Philippines you have taken. It is for the home page on our website.
One picture will be chosen by our team and a winner can get XEC! Your picture will be on our website until we choose the next winner.
For further details, please check our Twitter account!
Twitter: @_TokenHub_
Make extra income?
Some people such as travelers want to get local cash near you. You can help them by buying XEC from them.
This is how it works.
You buy XEC with cash from travelers who hold XEC then you receive XEC directly from them on your wallet.
How you can make income? You can decide fees. It could be 2% or more. That's your profit. Discuss with your trader by messaging on your wallet.
If you are interested to be an E-counter, please contact us with the following information.
- Your location (country, city, area)
- Available Currencies
- Payment Method (Cash/Bank transfer)
We will reply you back soon.

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