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5 Best Solana Ecosystem Tokens to Watch in January 2022

by Serge Shlykov

January 2022 is just around the corner and people are wondering what will happen with Solana in this period. Therefore, we have decided to take a look at five of the best tokens that you should be looking out for in January 2022. They are:

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A blockchain project called Solana seeks to provide a robust and secure development platform for new companies as well as for those already in existence that want to move or grow to its ecosystem. When it comes to what it delivers, the project is not all that different from Ethereum. However, there are significant technological differences, particularly in terms of speed, scalability, and gas costs.

In fact, Ethereum had a role in Solana’s growth and current level of popularity. Despite the fact that Solana is undoubtedly deserved of its growing popularity due to its own merits, Ethereum’s poor scalability, sluggish transaction processing, and high transaction fees are what first turned many off.

These issues have always existed with Ether, but for many years after its inception, they were mainly bearable. The drawbacks of Ethereum, however, were very clear as DeFi exploded in 2020 and the NFT and metaverse had a similar boom in 2021. People began looking for alternatives to launch their projects on since they were tired with its high gas prices and poor speeds. Solana emerged as one of the greatest possibilities. So, these are our top five favorite Solana network initiatives.

Arweave 1.

Arweave is at the top of our list. This is a top decentralized storage option in the Solana ecosystem, and some of the biggest venture capital firms in the industry have taken notice of it and invested in it. Giants like Coinbase Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz, among others, were drawn to the initiative by its ground-breaking concepts including profit-sharing communities that encourage developers to utilize its platform.

Everyone who contributed to the ecosystem was given equity, which encourages individuals to become more involved in the initiative rather than just buy shares.

The platform’s primary objective is to provide decentralized storage and to make it infinite. Given this, it is simple to see why the project sees itself as a collaboratively owned hard drive that using blockchain technology to store data in a secure, open, unchangeable, and accessible manner. Information that is saved on top of the blockchain is always accessible, making it beneficial for both current users and any potential users in the future.

If you are searching for anything of this kind to invest in, bear in mind that this project is not only intriguing but also very beneficial for people that participate with it given its use case and its incentive scheme.

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2. Audius

Audius is a decentralized music streaming technology built on Solana. Audius was first developed on the POA network, but after discovering Solana and its advantages, it made the decision to switch to its network.

The initiative was created specifically to address the inefficiencies plaguing the music business. The majority of those involved in this sector are probably aware of the many issues it faces, chief among which is the lack of transparency around the ownership of music rights. The amount of inevitable middlemen who have positioned themselves between artists and their fans is another issue that the business is struggling with.

These middlemen take money from both artists and spectators by demanding exorbitant fees in exchange for little to no labor. Artists might cut the cost of their material while still earning more money than ever before by utilizing Audius to obtain direct access to their audiences. They could even be able to distribute it for free. The cost for community members to access this material would also be lower or possibly free.

Additionally, the public might invest AUDIO tokens, the project’s native money, to support the development of their favorite musicians.

Visit our guide on investing in Audius to find out more about this coin.

Raydium 3.

Raydium, Solana’s first-ever automated market maker (AMM), is halfway down the list. Raydium has exclusive access to first-mover advantage since it is the first project of its sort, and it is making full use of it.

The initiative serves as a liquidity source for Serum DEX, a decentralized exchange. Each and every dollar that is placed into Raydium is transformed into a limit order, which is subsequently stored on Serum’s order books.

The Raydium project swiftly gained popularity in the Solana ecosystem, and its smart contracts were locked at $1 billion long ago. In the whole Solana ecosystem, where it also operates its project accelerator, AcceleRaytor, it is presently one of the most utilized dApps. Its user base is still expanding every day, which bodes well for the future of its native coin, RAY.

Visit our How to purchase Raydium guide to find out more information about this cryptocurrency.

4. Serum

In relation to Serum, it is deserving of its own spot on this list. The project seeks to compete with platforms like Ethereum’s Uniswap and Binance Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap by growing to be the largest and most powerful DEX on Solana.

Serum has all the advantages of decentralization that one would anticipate from a DEX, but it also manages to provide advantages that users of centralized systems have become used to. Serum. Uniswap and PancakeSwap, two AMMs that let users swap coins, are not like the project. Serup is a fully functional exchange in contrast. Even access to leveraged trading, limit orders, and other things you would anticipate on an exchange are available.

The rapid chain of Solana makes the project even faster, which immediately translates into lower transaction costs.

Visit our How to purchase Serum guide to find out more information about this cryptocurrency.

Star Atlas 5.

Star Atlas is our last option. This is an NFT-based gaming platform built on Solana’s blockchain. The project began in August 2021, at a time when the NFT industry was at its peak and blockchain gaming that uses NFTs was starting to gain popularity. Star Atlas flourished under these circumstances, drawing interest from everyone involved in the project.

It created a game with a virtual reality setting where players may buy and possess spacecraft they can use to explore other worlds, travel across space, and even participate in combat with other players. The benefits that come with victory in these bouts add to the overall satisfaction of the experience. To put it another way, this isn’t simply a game to pass the time; players may also earn money, upgrade their ships, and more.

There are three factions to choose from when selecting your player character — mankind, sentient androids, and a consortium of alien races. The game also includes multiple genres, combining exploration & exploitation, battles, and more, and at the same time, you get to earn virtual assets that can be exchanged for real-life currencies, used for buying NFTs, trading, and more.

Visit our How to Buy Star Atlas guide to find out more information about this coin.


As you can see, Solana is home to a number of unique, cutting-edge initiatives and protocols. These are just a few of the wonderful projects that Solana has to offer, so be sure to explore the SOL ecosystem if you’re seeking for more.

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