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Around Halloween Cardano Will Reach $8, Observes Crypto Analyst Ben Armstrong

by Serge Shlykov

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means it’s time to start celebrating Halloween! The holiday may not be as big as Christmas, but it has a lot of great traditions, including the Halloween Cardano, which is probably the most important holiday of the year for Cardano fans.

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Cardano will likely reach $8. This is what a firm called Token Hub is telling us as we approach the holiday season. Over the last month, the analyst firm has released two fascinating reports. In the first, Token Hub argued that the cryptocurrency market was ripe for a massive bull run, and that the market was in an extended bull cycle. Since then, Cardano has pulled back, and currently sits at $0.7.

And so the days are ticking down before Halloween and cryptocurrency is turning into a festive time of year. October 1st saw the release of Cardano’s 1.4.0 update and that saw the first release of the Emurgo-produced Cardano wallet. It’s one of the few such projects that have been well received by the crypto community since entering the markets and it’s a clear sign that the project is in good hands.

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Cardano, according to crypto analyst and influencer Ben Armstrong, will continue to rise until October. As a result, he has purchased one million Cardano in advance.


Ben Armstrong is a well-known crypto expert and youtuber. BitBoy Crypto is his YouTube channel. Cardano is a third-generation decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain platform. In terms of function and application, it is comparable to ethereum.

Cardano, on the other hand, is the first peer-reviewed study to use evidence-based techniques.

Cardano’s crypto currency is called ADA. Markets, on the other hand, often use the term Cardano to refer to both. Ben purchased one million Cardano. He thinks it has a bullish run potential. Despite the decline in the cryptocurrency market, Cardano hit a new high this week.

Through his YouTube channel Bitboy Crypto, Ben Armstrong addressed Cardano’s market growth. Cardano will hit $8 before the altcoin cycle ends this year, according to him. The block chain initiative is already drawing institutional investors, according to the report.

Cardano, he claims, has a greater potential than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Ben said,

“I can understand why so many people want it to reach $10. And I believe that between $8 and $10, individuals will begin to benefit. And that’ll be the end of it.”

Cardano, which is now trading at USD 1.23, is projected to climb more than 700 percent, according to him.

He spoke with another analyst, Crypto Jebb, on his YouTube video. He also believes that, unlike Ethereum, Cardano has a finite supply. As a result, the ADA’s potential will be highlighted.

Ben also stated that he had purchased one million Cardano. In addition, he said in his tweet that ADA is one of his favorite projects. Cardano’s rise over the last 12 months has been cited.

Another expert, Michael Van De Pope, projected Cardano’s growth potential earlier this week. Furthermore, he claims that, according to Fibonacci research, it must rise $3.35 to shatter its present value.

According to all of the analysts, Cardano is set for a long-term run with modest but consistent growth.

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As November 1st approaches, Cardano’s price, market cap, and daily volume will all be up across the board. This is due to the fact that more and more people are becoming more aware of Cardano’s potential, following the recent crypto market recovery and bull run. With the price of Bitcoin reaching new all-time highs, it would make sense to see Cardano do the same.. Read more about will cardano reach $10 and let us know what you think.

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