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Bitcoin exchange balances trend back to historic lows as BTC withdrawals resume in January

by Serge Shlykov

The bitcoin exchange balances trend has reversed, with a few dozen exchanges showing Bitcoin withdrawals are back in January. After the shutdown of many Chinese crypto-wallets and increased trading volume on other countries’ markets, it’s clear that China is still struggling to smooth over the situation.

The “btc on exchanges chart” is a graph that shows the trend in bitcoin exchange balances. The graph can be used to see how the price of bitcoin has fluctuated over time. The graph is also helpful for understanding the current state of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Bitcoin (BTC) exchange reserves are at record lows as the year 2022 rekindles buyer interest.

As of January 4, according to CryptoQuant, an on-chain analytics business, reserves across 21 exchanges were 2.308 million BTC.

Exchanges have returned to a downward trend in BTC balances.

CryptoQuant reported a macro low of 2.303 million BTC remained on exchange books in late December, followed by a small rise to 2.334 million.

Bitcoin exchange balances trend back to historic lows as BTC withdrawals resume in JanuaryChart of Bitcoin exchange reserves. CryptoQuant is the source of this information.

However, when institutional buyers return to the market after the holidays, the downturn has resumed, confirming forecasts that larger-volume buyers will enter the market in Q1.

Data on exchange balances is a hot issue this week. The amount of exchanges and wallets used by different statistics providers varies, resulting in data that is rarely comparable.

For example, CryptoQuant’s 21 exchanges compete with Glassnode’s 18 and CoinMetrics’ 5.

On Christmas Eve, according to Cryptorank, the balance was just 1.3 million BTC.

The trend may fluctuate depending on the platforms featured, since some exchanges have experienced an overall decrease in their balance over the previous month, while others have seen a rise.

If you don’t include exchanges, the findings will be skewed. Because of the China spot trading restriction, leaving out companies like Huobi has a significant effect. https://t.co/knyoF702kW

January 3, 2022 — Root (@therationalroot)

According to Cointelegraph, this was the situation with Huobi Global, which was required by rules to deregister Chinese mainland customers by the end of 2021.

To manage the show, you’ll need bigger fish.

Analyst David Puell, inventor of the well-known Puell Multiple indicator, gave his opinions on impending market participant behavior in a conversation with CryptoQuant last week.

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Bitcoin’s “calm” character in 2021, as opposed to, say, 2019, has kept ordinary investors and their “FOMO” at bay.

He said, “I believe this is long-term healthy.”

“The market will be dominated by institutional participants, particularly in monthly price swings, with some profit-taking from early adopters but a far smaller role for retail players.”

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