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Bitcoin Network’s Mining Difficulty Dips Over 12%, Hashrate Nears 200 Exahash – Mining Bitcoin News

by Serge Shlykov

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The Bitcoin mining network has seen the mining difficulty dip substantially in the past week, dropping 12.8 percent in the seven days to press time, according to statistics collected by Coin Dance. The difficulty dipped to its lowest amount since Nov. 12, 2018, at 12:35 UTC today, after hovering around a 15 percent decrease since Jan. 20, 2019. The Bitcoin hashrate recently hit a new all-time high, reaching an estimated 200 Exahash per second on the morning of Jan. 25, 2019, according to Coin Dance .

The bitcoin mining difficulty dropped for the second time this year. According to data from Blockchain.info, the difficulty level decreased by 12.15 percent, or 0.21 percent over the past five days. More specifically, the mining difficulty has been adjusted from 589,135,671,634 to 519,902,761,279. The Bitcoin network hashrate has been on the rise as well. According to Blockchain.info, the estimated total Bitcoin hashrate has been hovering around 200 Exahash per second for several days. A single Bitcoin mining ASIC, such as an Antminer T9 or T16, can generate approximately 1 Terahash per second, so 200 Exahash are equivalent to 20

The complexity of bitcoin mining has dropped dramatically this week. The value dropped 12.6%, which is the largest complexity drop in 2021. The drop in mining difficulty came after the recent power outage in China, which had some impact on the network hash rate. After a reduction in complexity, bitcoin’s hash rate is heading north again, approaching the 200 exahash per second mark.

Bitcoinmining difficulty decreased by 12%, bringing the hash rate above the increase of.

On the 18th. On April 20, 2021, Bitcoin.com News and a number of cryptocurrency publications reported a drop in the hashrate of bitcoin (BTC) following reports of power outages on China’s Xinjiang network. The first data shows that the hash rate loss was over 40%, but other data shows that the loss could have been between 12.61% and about 25%.

On the 21st. On April 20, 2021, Nick Carter, founder of Coin Metrics, said that the five-day statistics showed that the Bitcoin (BTC) hashtag had only lost about 25%. Whatever the exact number, the hash rate of the BTC network dropped by at least 10% or more at that time.

Lower hash rates have led to a reduction in the complexity of the network, making it easier for miners to find blocks. The BTC complexity is a parameter used by the network to maintain a stable and constant blocking time.

Bitcoin Network’s Mining Difficulty Dips Over 12%, Hashrate Nears 200 Exahash – Mining Bitcoin News

Mining complexity is essentially a measure of how difficult it is to find a hash under a given target. When the hash rate of BTC is high, the complexity of mining increases, and when the hash rate decreases, as it has lately, the complexity of mining decreases. The complexity of the Bitcoin network changes every 2,016 blocks, or about once every two weeks.

Two days ago, BTC’s mining difficulty fell 12.6% to 20.61 trillion, after the hash rate fell more than a week ago today. The 12.6% drop is the largest complexity drop in 2021, and hashpower began to gain traction after the change in metrics.

After an initial drop in bitcoin mining difficulty two days ago, the network hash rate has started to rise again.

Bitcoin Network’s Mining Difficulty Dips Over 12%, Hashrate Nears 200 Exahash – Mining Bitcoin News

The last massive drop in production complexity was about 16% in the first week of November 2020. On Sunday, the 2nd. In May 2021, BTC’s hash rate reached nearly 200 exahashes per second (EH/s), according to several hash rate aggregators.

The absolute hash rate intervals of Fork.lol show that the hash rate of BTC increases to 200 EH/s. At the time of writing, Fork.lol’s seven-day stats are still showing 160 EH/s.

Bitcoin Network’s Mining Difficulty Dips Over 12%, Hashrate Nears 200 Exahash – Mining Bitcoin News

Statistics from Coinwarz.com today show that the hash rate passed the 190 EH/s area on Sunday, while data from Fork.lol shows that the absolute hash rate in exhashes reached 204 EH/s three hours ago. A number of other SHA256 aggregators show similar daily statistics, and all show a jump in BTC hash rate after complexity reduction.

The top 7mining pools account for 72% of thebitcoin breach rate.

It should be noted that using hourly or even daily averages of hash rates may not be the most reliable way to measure hash rates. This is the reason why hashish rate floor estimates are a week late due to the recent power outages in China. Most analysts use statistics of seven or more days to determine absolute hash rates.

At the time of publishing this article, there are 18 bitcoin mining pools providing SHA256 hash power on the BTC network. Most of the top ten pools are from China, and the F2pool mining pool operates about 29.6 EH/s, or 18.51% of the total network hashrate.

F2pool is followed by Antpool, Poolin, Binance Pool, Viabtc, Btc.com and Huobi Pool respectively. The above mining pools own 72% of the hashrate of the BTC network.

What do you think of the recent drop in difficulty two days ago and the fact that the hashrate started rising again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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