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Cardano Africa Special reveals second major partnership, this time with Tanzania |

by Serge Shlykov

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The Cardano Africa Special event which took place in Johannesburg on the 7th of October has now been officially published in its entirety. Cardano Foundation, in conjunction with IOHK, the company behind Cardano, organized the event. The event was intended to present new information to the African cryptocurrency community and to spark local interest in the Cardano blockchain project. According to a blog post from Cardano Foundation, their efforts have been met with substantial success.

It seems like only yesterday that Cardano was making waves with its Africa special. Since then, the project has been making waves with its technological advances, with the team announcing a slew of new partnerships. One of these partnerships could turn out to be very big. In a recent blog post, the team announced a new partnership with the African nation of Tanzania. The partnership will be with the Institute for Accelerating African Growth (IAG).

The East African country of Tanzania will partner with Cardano’s parent company, IOG, to provide mobile internet connectivity, digital identity and financial opportunities to rural communities in the country.

IOG CEO Charles Hoskinson has previously spoken about the importance of Africa as a vector for cryptocurrency adoption. He expects Africa to be ahead of the rest of the world in the adoption of blockchain. Cardano is now starting to reap the benefits of those efforts.

Tanzania will also benefit from

Rumors that Cardano has won a large contract with the African government have been circulating for several years. The situation escalated earlier this year when Hoskinson began tweeting cryptic messages about the birds landing.

A little bird landed on my shoulder and told me that February was going to be a very good month. Bird talk is generally reliable.

The first appointment came and went without notice. This has led to discontent in some sections of society. But Tuesday’s announcement of Ethiopia’s blockchain-based student and teacher identification system largely answers critics.

The system aims to improve educational attainment and employment by digitally recording and verifying grades and remotely tracking school performance.

As announced in today’s Africa special, the company has also entered into a second partnership, this time to build scalable infrastructure in Tanzania.

In partnership with World Mobile, the project aims to provide access to mobile Internet to those who do not have it. It plans to give telecommunications customers a digital identity and use ADA as a means of payment.

It will also address the issue of financial inclusion by developing frameworks to address the lack of bank customers and the resulting lack of access to financial products, including insurance, credit and loans.

By filling this gap, we hope to create real economic value.

Cardano already has a strong presence in Africa

The Africa strategy includes the introduction of Cardano in Africa for ordinary people and businesses.

Even before today’s special Africa event, IOG and its partners were trying to engage local people in projects that solve real problems. Examples include the agricultural transaction service and the implementation of supply chain infrastructure on the continent.

The company’s strategy is also to train local developers to create solutions to local problems.

Today’s announcements show that Hoskinson’s vision of a decentralized and inclusive world is beginning to become a reality.

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Cardano Africa Special reveals second major partnership, this time with Tanzania |

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