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Chainlink Price Analysis: LINK swiftly approaches $15, targets $14 next?

by Serge Shlykov

On the 1st of May 2017, Chainlink finished the year on a high note, as its decentralized oracle network (“DOLA”) achieved an impressive market capitalization of more than $200 million. Its rapid growth ended the year in a bullish fashion, and now the price of its token LINK sits at nearly $12, ready to close in on its September target of $14.

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On August 1st, the LINK token began trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges with a price of $0.0017. Since then, the token has risen vigorously, shooting up from $0.0013 to a current price of $0.0028. This price increase coincides with the development of Chainlink, which is a decentralized oracle platform that connects networked data sources to form a secured, oracle network.

Summary of the situation

  • LINK continued its downward movement yesterday.
  • The $16 mark was crossed last night.
  • Chainlink is aiming for $14 support.

The channel’s price analysis is bearish for the weekend, as the market has continued to decline over the past 24 hours. Previous support around $16 was broken overnight and the next major support at $15 is now being tested. Therefore, we expect LINK/USD to break out downwards during the day and reach the next support at $14.

Heat map for crypto-currencies. Source: Coin360

Overall, the market has traded with small losses over the past 24 hours. Bitcoin is relatively stable, while the main altcoin, Ethereum, has lost 1.26%. The other major altcoins are following Ethereum with losses of around 1-2%.

Channel price movements in the last 24 hours Chainlink finally reaches the $15 mark

LINK/USD was trading in a range of $15.17 – $16.32, indicating moderate volatility. Trading volume increased by 22% to USD 778.2 billion and total market capitalization was approximately USD 6.83 billion.

LINK/USD graph 4 hours: LINK is aiming for the next $14?

On the 4-hour chart, we can see that Chainlink’s price has reached support at $15 in the past few hours and has paused to prepare for further declines overnight.

LINK/USD chart 4 hours. Source: TradingView

Chainlink Price Analysis: LINK swiftly approaches $15, targets $14 next?

Overall, the market moved in a strong downward direction last week. After a strong rally in late June and early July, the LINK/USD reached $21, with a clear uptrend line supported by increasingly higher lows.

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However, Chainlink’s price development on 8 July crossed the support trend line. It was followed by a sideways consolidation for a few days until it peaked on the 13th. A further decline was recorded in July.

LINK/USD quickly reached support at $16 and after retesting the previous support at $17.5 as resistance, the market has continued to decline in recent days. This price development led to a further decline, reaching key support at $15 in the last few hours.

Chain price is currently pulling back from some of today’s losses as the bears prepare for a further drop overnight. So expect LINK to take aim at the $14 mark next time and mark a new low below that, which should lead to a significant decline in the coming days.

Channel price analysis: Supplement

The chain price analysis for the next 24 hours is bearish, as a new downward push was observed earlier today and key support at $15 was reached. The LINK/USD is now recovering somewhat from today’s losses and is preparing for a further drop tonight.

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