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Coinbase to operate in Japan crypto market with five cryptocurrencies

by Serge Shlykov

China is reportedly taking action in response to the United States’ moves to impose sanctions on Chinese telecom giant Huawei. The People’s Bank of China has reportedly instructed domestic payment processor Huaweijie to stop doing business with companies that use Huawei’s technology.

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Coinbase has announced its intention to start offering crypto trading services in Japan, the first country in Asia to have regulations regulated the market. While the U.S is working towards deregulation, Japan has decided not to adopt the idea and go for a more conservative approach. The new Japanese laws will force exchanges to store users’ crypto assets in special-purpose wallets, which will be overseen by the country’s financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency. The regulator has also announced a licensing system for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Following up on our earlier report, Coinbase has now confirmed that the exchange will be operating in Japan as a fully licensed crypto-to-crypto exchange. We know that we can expect a full range of crypto trading pairs to be offered, with support for five cryptocurrencies.. Read more about best upcoming cryptocurrency and let us know what you think.

Summary of the situation

– Japanese regulators have approved Coinbase as a crypto-currency platform.
– Trading platform that allows you to trade with as few as five tokens.

Coinbase, the largest crypto-currency exchange, has expressed interest in the crypto-currency business in Japan. The company will work with five cryptocurrencies in Japan, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar Lumens.

Japan’s crypto currency regulator, the FSA, has approved Coinbase. The Financial Services Authority said the announcement was based on Japan’s fund settlement law.

This is good news for Coinbase and crypto-currency investors in the country. Japanese cryptocurrency enthusiasts can now trade their tokens safely without being stopped by the central authority.

Coinbase platform hosted in Japan

The company that licensed Coinbase for its operations in Japan has had a love affair with the platform since 2018. Until then, the exchange company had assured that it would cooperate with the country’s authorities at some point. After nearly three years, a deal has been reached that will benefit cryptocurrency investors and businesses.

Once Coinbase is approved, it will be able to join the JVCEA to focus on self-regulation of the current market. A virtual currency and cryptocurrency exchange in Japan has announced Coinbase as one of its potential partners.

Crypto currencies in Japan

Earlier this year, while many investors were enjoying the boom in cryptocurrencies, the situation was different in Japan. In Japan, authorities have been struggling to approve virtual currencies since 2021. The constant and misplaced focus on the market has also affected cryptocurrency investors.

The Coincheck hack has brought the country’s very fragile decentralized market under control. Chinese regulations, which have shaken up the entire cryptocurrency market, have also exacerbated the situation.

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However, Japan seems to have jumped on the bandwagon and is identifying itself as a renewed cryptocurrency nation. Coincheck should be replaced by Coinbase, because this exchange is secure and has a good reputation worldwide. It is a good move by the Japanese government to take its first steps in cryptocurrencies.

This news makes the cryptocurrency market grow as new players will enter the market. At least 7 in 10 people in Asia use cryptocurrencies, which is beneficial for the market. Although the platform is only used to trade cryptocurrencies, it moves the market and increases buying power.

Japan is ready to accept cryptocurrencies, which it has so far not considered tangible assets. But regulators have matured, analyzed and revealed a new panorama.

With this valuable business, many companies can be encouraged to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. This will boost the country’s economy and ultimately the price of each cryptocurrency token.

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