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Google Cloud Integrates Blockchain Datasets of Polygon

by Serge Shlykov

Looking for an easy way to easily integrate blockchain data into your own database? Look no further than Google Cloud. The company is now offering customers the ability to spin up a single Google Cloud Dataset which contains data from Polygon, a blockchain-based game dataset produced by the company. This means you can now easily query data about games players, game assets, game currencies, game objects, game events, game tips, game rewards, game items, game stores, game subscriptions, game challenges, game entities, game developers, game apps, game identities, game alliances , game blockchains, game block reward changes, game blocks, game block times, game block rewards, game block rewards history, game block reward, game block reward history, game

This past week, Google Cloud opened up its Chainpoint blockchain data service, allowing developers to build distributed applications on top of the Chainpoint protocol – the underlying technology behind the Polygon Data Network, a secure, scalable distributed ledger for the public, permissioned blockchain.

Google Cloud Dataproc, the Google Cloud Platform’s distributed database service, recently added support for distributed ledger technology. Google Cloud Dataproc has now integrated distributed databases, including distributed ledger technologies, into its image processing service.

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News on the Blockchain

  • Polygon has announced that blockchain datasets will be integrated with Google BigQuery.
  • Monitoring gas fees and smart contracts is part of the integration process.
  • The network’s development with Dapps would be aided by data insights.

Polygon, previously known as MATIC Network, has announced that blockchain datasets would be integrated with Google BigQuery.

Polygon is both a scaling solution for Ethereum and an infrastructure development platform. Polygon SDK is its main component, which is modular and versatile and supports both Secure and Standalone Chains.

Polygon’s datasets may also be monitored using BigQuery to provide developers a deeper knowledge of Polygon blockchains. It’s part of the Google Cloud Platform’s public financial services category (GCP).

With the decentralized application, data insights would aid in the network’s development. Monitoring gas costs, smart contracts, and multi-chain analyses are all possible with SDK integration.

Google BigQuery allows you to query on-chain data using normal SQL syntax in a straightforward and structured way. It also helps with cross-chain activity on interoperable tokens and querying various blockchains.

Furthermore, dataset integration is part of a broader project to list bitcoin data in Google BigQuery through Google Cloud Platform. The present program maintains a number of real-time bitcoin datasets, with the possibility to expand services in the future to include more distributed ledgers.

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable, and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse. End-user products like Google Search, Gmail, file storage, and YouTube all operate on the same infrastructure as GCP.

The potential to gather insights from over 6 million daily transactions on Polygon’s blockchain, according to the company, “will go a long way towards developing and building the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems.”

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The blockchain has become a powerful tool for digital currency, but it comes with its own set of problems. One of the biggest is that each node that stores the currency is responsible for verifying all transactions. Because of this, it takes a lot of bandwidth and computational power to keep the network running. Google, however, has created a solution by partnering with Blockstack, a blockchain platform, to create a blockchain dataset integrated with Google Cloud.. Read more about google public data sets and let us know what you think.

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