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How To Create An NFT

by Serge Shlykov

There are not many things that are talked about so fervently and secretively these days as the NFT. It seems to come out of nowhere. NFTs were once the wet dream of hobbyists and those living on the outer edges of the World Wide Web as a tool that could highlight any digital or physical asset that would provide tremendous value, while acting as a test bed to demonstrate the power of blockchain to the world. You may be wondering how to create an NFT.

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The good news is that it’s not too late. In fact, there is a good chance that the NMT market will continue to accelerate as there is no sign of a slowdown in the near term. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the NFT evolve to the point where even the world’s biggest critics like it. Major auction houses, art galleries, museums, apps, games and the general public have all gotten into the business.

Not long ago, enigmatic cryptographic artist NFT Bipple sold his NFT artwork for a whopping $69 million – a price that would put it on par with some of humanity’s most prolific and iconic contributions to art and culture since the Renaissance. According to Forbes, NMT’s market capitalization has increased 1.785% in the first three months of 2021 alone. If you want to get your hands dirty, check out our guide to making NFT for more information.


What is the NFT?

How To Create An NFT

NFTs, also known as unreadable tokens, are assets – whether something tangible in the real world or something intangible that can only exist virtually – that have been tokenized to give them value. This is the process of storing these assets on a selected blockchain. Essentially, it can give printed assets – now NMTs – certifiable real estate on the blockchain, and also be able to tag those assets with marked proof of authenticity.

NFTs are not limited to works of art, although this is a popular application for working with unreadable tokens, and it could be argued that online art trading has been the catapult for the popularity of NFTs. But even outside of the art community, undamaged tokens have been used in large quantities for music, merchandise, collectibles, playing cards, or even in-game items and inventory, just to name a few examples of what can be converted into NFTs. Someone even sold the house for $500,000 in the form of an unreadable sign.

The main thrust is that you can use locks to prove that you actually own the property in question, or if you want to prove that there is only a limited amount of something. Therefore, NFTs are in high demand for unique or special items, such as works of art. Another benefit is that NFTs ensure that what would otherwise be an intangible asset with limited utility outside of its ecosystem – for example, an object that can only be used in a game – gains value in the real world.


How To Create An NFT

Who is WAX?

WAX – or Worldwide Asset eXchange – is now one of the world’s largest platforms for NFTs, blockchain technology providers and virtual asset markets. It has positioned itself as a strong competitor to NFT’s current leading blockchain, Ethereum, as we have already waxed lyrical (pun intended). WAX is easily adaptable for new users and offers a huge and diverse market for NFTs and special partnerships.

Some of these NFTs have partnered with legendary celebrities and brands, including memorabilia from William Shatner’s 60-year career in Hollywood, trading and playing cards from Topps, NFT merchandise from Deadmau5, nostalgic game pieces in boxes from Atari, and a collection of special playing cards with unique game features from the creators of the Street Fighter franchise.

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WAX’s decentralized NFT platform has also opened up a whole new avenue for designers around the world to create their own NFT collections. There have been a number of independent and high-profile projects, such as Bitcoin Origins, Uplift Art, Kogs and Blockchain Heroes. At the WAX conference, we saw a huge increase that illustrates the huge buzz and excitement around NFTs: entire collections sold out in minutes, and hundreds and thousands of unique NFTs were distributed.

In the past few weeks, our NFT distribution tool has been in high demand from several NFT projects that wanted to promote and engage the WAX community in their NFTs. – says Dmitry Nikolaros, co-founder of bountyblok.io.


To make an NFT on WAX.

How To Create An NFT

But, uh… You can ask for: What do I need to do to pass the NFT? One of the most amazing things about NFTs is how light and fluid they can be. It had not been easy to build up a whole collection of works of art worthy of the Louvre. Sure, there are a few extra steps here and there compared to just posting freely on DeviantArt, but with what you can earn and enjoy with NFT, the cost of those few extra steps is well worth it if you can draw.

In partnership with WAX, we are putting together an NFT guide to help you on this exciting new journey. In WAX, anyone can create their own NFE, with photos, images, drawings, GIFs or videos. If you’re a little bored, you can even check out the WAX marketplace to buy and sell the thousands of unique NFTs for sale there. Need cards, avatars, special emoticons, pixel art or memes?

Say it. WAX has it. Of course, there are numerous other quality NFT platforms and marketplaces, such as Nifty Gateway, OpenSea, Enjin and others. For this guide to creating an NFT guide, we will be using WAX, but feel free to imitate some of these steps to publish and sell your next NFT masterpiece.


Step 1 – Create a WAX Cloud Wallet account.

How To Create An NFT

One of the most notable features of WAX compared to most other competing platforms is its ease of use and seamless functionality for new users. This is evidenced by the WAX Cloud Wallet – or WCW – as the primary account and wallet manager in the WAX ecosystem. A few clicks and a confirmation email later, you have your own WCW account. You can also register for a WCW account using the available login options.

This will sync your account details across multiple popular sites and services, such as Google, Facebook, Steam, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, Reddit, etc. No more fumbling with someone else’s wallet or memorizing long keys and opening sentences you immediately forget. Once you have access to the WAX eWallet, you can change some of your account settings, for example. B. Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.

How To Create An NFT

You can also see some of the NFTs you have accumulated in your collection, as well as your WAXP token balance. This is the WAX ecosystem’s own currency, and you will need it if you want to buy NFTs, and it will also be the crypto-currency you get paid with after selling NFTs. You can easily buy WAXP tokens through the WAX Cloud Wallet by clicking on the buy WAX tab on the right, and you can even use your Mastercard or VISA card to buy WAXP.

Some decentralized applications (dApps) built on the WAX blockchain – including the NFT marketplace – such as. B. Games built with WAX can also be called via the WCW interface. If you want to earn more from your WAX shares, you can also use your WAXP tokens here and participate in some of WAX’s decentralized financial services (DeFi). In the meantime, let’s focus on how to make an NFT.


Step 2 – Go to AtomicHub.

How To Create An NFT

Once in your WCW portfolio, click on the dApps tab on the left. Now find the Atomic Market and click on it. This opens AtomicHub, the main marketplace for NFTs on WAX, and here we learn more about making NFTs. You will be immediately redirected to the store’s homepage, where you can view the large selection of NFTs. Now don’t get distracted by all that glitter and hit the Enter key.

There are three different connection options: WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW), Anchor and Scatter. These are all portfolios, but for the purposes of this demonstration – and for ease of use – we will register with WCW. Now confirm the login when asked to confirm the username and your WAX Cloud Wallet will no longer sync with the AtomicHub NFT marketplace. From there, go to the NFT Creator tab at the top of the page.


Step 3 – Create a new NFT collection.

How To Create An NFT

When you click on NFT Creator in AtomicHub, you get access to their little NFT creation workflow. First you need to create a new NFT collection. Collections on WAX are groupings into which NFEs with a similar theme can be classified. For example, the ability to create separate collections to separate your pixel image from your GIF files. Now click on Create new collection. Here are some things to consider during the collection phase.

Adding a collection photo is a header image that represents that specific collection. Choose the one you think will best inform you on the topic of this NFT collection. WAX recommends choosing images with a transparent background because they are more attractive.

Collection Name – This is the name that will describe your NFT collection. So think of a name that reflects what the collection stands for. You have to be strategic with this name, because there is a limit of 12 characters (you have to have exactly 12 characters!), and you can only choose characters that consist of the numbers 1 to 5 and/or the alphabets a to z. The name of the collection must not contain any spaces or characters.

The name displayed is the name of the collection you are most likely to see. The display name of your collection is not as limited as the collection name. So you can call your new NFT collection whatever you want.

How To Create An NFT

The website URL is an optional step, but you can enter any URL here that may be related to you or your new NFT collection. If you have your own website, personal blog or social media page, you can add a link here to promote yourself to the WAX community.

How To Create An NFT How To Create An NFT

Description of the collection – What is your NFT collection? Does what you’re doing make sense, or are you just posting GIFs for memes? Well, leave the people with a short but thoughtful description. This step is also optional.

Market Commission – You can now set the market commission for your NFT collection at the last step of the collection creation process by selecting an option between 0% and 15%. It is important to note that this is not your share at the time of the initial sale. The market compensation percentage you set here determines the percentage of what you earn for each NFT in this collection that is sold on a secondary market that runs on WAX.

When you are finished, click Create Collection to complete this step. You will then be asked to approve the transaction with a pop-up notification. Now authorize it via the WCW popup and the process of setting up your collection is complete!

P.S. Be careful not to follow in this author’s footsteps and not to name the collection with less than 12 characters, which would cause the transaction to fail. Oops…


Step 4 – Create a new circuit.

How To Create An NFT

Now that you have a collection on AtomicHub, it’s time to create a schedule. You may be wondering what schema is and what it has to do with making an NFT? Simply put, a schema is a set in your ENT collection that serves as a template or layout for the appearance of your ENTs in that particular collection.

So you can have a collection of artworks, but then you can use the schema to further define each series or category of artworks into whole subsets. In short, AtomicHub schemas are used to define attributes and define your NFTs more precisely.

To get started, click the Create New Schedule tab after logging in to the Collections page of AtomicHub. The first thing you need to do here is give your project a name. As with the collection name, you must use the full 12 characters. Now you see the name of the attribute and the type of the attribute here. From there, you can begin to customize your NFT.

The TNF must have at least a name (attribute type = text) and an IMG (attribute type = image), the latter being the primary image of the TNF. Then there are a few other attributes you can add as options, besides the name and the main image…..

How To Create An NFT

The medium is an NFT secondary image with attribute type set to Image.
Video – Selecting this option allows AtomicHub to display your NFT in video format, with the attribute type set to IPFS.
audio – Selecting this option allows AtomicHub to display your NFT in audio format, with the attribute type set to IPFS.

This step may be more complex to understand how to establish an NFE, as it involves some of the more technical aspects of establishing an NFE. You must manually enter the attribute names in the order we showed earlier, along with the corresponding attribute type. There is a good reason for this, however, as the schema system may allow the creators of NFTs to change the attributes of each NFT accordingly, including new attributes that may not be relevant to you.

Since the schematic is a model of what the NFT will look like as a finished product, you can really go ahead and do it here. One example is Deadmau5’s Series 1 schedule, where you can see some of the most unique and unambiguous attribute names chosen and programmed specifically for their NFT collection. Once you have determined what your schedule should look like, click the Create Schedule button to proceed to the next step.


Step 5 – Assemble your new NFT.

How To Create An NFT

Now we can start stamping your NFTs. After logging into the Scheme page on AtomicHub, you can see here that you can also add new attributes to your Scheme. Now click on the Stamp New Asset tab at the bottom. This will take you to the page for stamping the plants. To simplify this process, create a template if you want to run a whole series of NFTs.

This step is optional, but go back to the Schematic page and click the Create New Template tab. If you create a template, you can select that each time you create a new resource to save time instead of having to manually set up each entry again. On the Mint Asset page, the Add Image window is on the left. This is where you essentially load your future NFT into the image.

Then we can fill in some attributes of your NFT. The greater the number of schedule attributes, the greater the number of steps required to complete the hunting process. Do I need to upload video or audio files for your project? Overall, this opens up a whole new world of customization and versatility with digital assets that we’ve never seen before. In the Attributes section at the bottom of the relief page, you can enter a name for the NFT.

If your future NFT z is. B. if a drawing is saved on your computer, you can find a download of this file on AtomicHub. Please note that files uploaded to AtomicHub should not be smaller than 2 MB. If your file is larger than 2 MB, please upload it to Pinata Cloud. If you have uploaded an image file there, find the IPFS hash of that particular image, then enter it – or copy and paste it into the IMG attribute below.

How To Create An NFT How To Create An NFT

After you upload the image, verify that your WCW username is the owner of the future NFT, and fill in each attribute completely, such as the NFT name. Then specify the number of copies of this NFT you want to provide, from one copy to 10, and click Create Asset. You will then see a preview of what your NFT will look like after it is released for sale on the AtomicHub marketplace.

Be careful. Take a moment to make sure everything is correct and final, as the NFT chasing process will begin as soon as you hit the confirm button. This process cannot be stopped or reversed.

However, one thing you need to consider is RAM. This is a memory block of the WAX system, and you may need to buy more RAM from AtomicHub before your NFT can be hit. You are allocated a certain amount of memory, so use it wisely, because every action you take – such as. For example, creating a new collection or schedule – will cost you RAM. This is the equivalent of WAX having to pay for gasoline in Ethereum to compensate for the computing resources needed to conduct transactions for your NFTs.


Step 6 – Post your NFT to the AtomicHub marketplace.

How To Create An NFT How To Create An NFT How To Create An NFT

That’s it! When you are finished searching for the NFT, return to the schedule page. Below you can see that the NFT is now active. Click on it and you will be taken to a page with a list of all properties, for example. B. the name and the name of the collection. You can also see if this NFT can be transferred to someone else on AtomicHub or in the broader WAX ecosystem, or if it can be burned. In other words, destroyed.

If you want to list your property here, click put up for sale. A new window will open, where you can choose to sell directly or bid through the auction.

You can then set the starting or reference price and get an overview of all the fees charged by AtomicHub and how much you will receive at the end of the sale. During the auction you can set the duration of the auction process.


How To Create An NFT

Creating an NFT on WAX – Implementation.

How To Create An NFT

Here is a concise guide on how easy it is for anyone to make their own NFTs on WAX. While it can be difficult at times, the process is quite simple and straightforward, from opening your portfolio with WCW to getting your first NFT. And already you are part of a new and exciting world that brings together everything you know about technology and art.

Is that all? Can you only upload photos? Of course you don’t. With AtomicHub’s WAX Hub, you can find countless other examples of what NFTs can be.

Whether it’s creating a new collection of playing cards to collect and compete with friends, or fun GIF cards to make you smile, in short, the potential of what you can do is limitless with the power of blockchain and NFT in hand, and we hope our way of creating an NFT guide will help you on this journey.

How To Create An NFT How To Create An NFT

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