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How to Mine Ubiq in 2021: Is it Worth it Anymore?

by Serge Shlykov

The Ubiq project is a decentralized platform that allows users to create and run their own blockchain applications.

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Ubiq is a cryptocurrency that can be mined with GPU’s. The ubiq mining calculator will help you figure out if it is worth it to mine Ubiq.

When individuals think about mining crypto in 2020, they don’t think about how to mine Ubiq since there are hundreds of alternative choices that might provide them with a better return.

When transactions between users are validated and added to the blockchain public ledger, this is referred to as cryptocurrency mining. Although Bitcoin is the most well-known and well-established example of a mineable cryptocurrency, not all cryptocurrencies are mineable.

Ubiq is an Ethereum hard fork that exists outside of the Ethereum ecosystem. It incorporates the Ethereum Virtual Machine for smart contracts and DApps and is a significantly modified version of the Ethereum blockchain.

If you’re interested in Ethereum splits, you’ve probably heard of Ubiq (UBQ). It’s an open-source, decentralized money that everyone may use. In any case, the targeted interest group differs from Ethereum.

This currency ensures security and focuses on bug-free updates. The prospect of mining UBQ is exciting.

This post will provide you with a straightforward step-by-step guide on how to mine Ubiq.


1. Get your GPU ready for mining. Install the most recent stable drivers from the manufacturer’s website. 2. Install the Ubiq mining program on your computer. 3. Choose the mining pool in which you wish to participate. 4. Make the wallet in which you’d want to receive our prize. 5. Using notepad, edit the start.dat file for the mining pool you wish to utilize. 6. Begin mining.

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Table of Ubiq Mining Pool Comparisons 

What exactly is Ubiq? As well as its Users

Ubiq is a 2014 project that was ‘fairly launched’ (meaning there was no pre-mining, insta-mining, or ICO). Jumbucks was the name given to the project when it first started (JBS). JBS started as a proof-of-work system and subsequently converted to proof-of-stake when the Ethereum chain was swapped.

The name Ubiq was coined as a result of the exchange, and forking began immediately. It’s important to note that just because it’s a fork of Ethereum doesn’t imply it’s a clone of Ethereum.

UBQ is the first Ethereum split that resulted in consensus level modifications in the form of new code, which implies that devs, miners, and investors all agreed on it. Furthermore, it offers all of the benefits of the Ethereum Virtual Machine while also learning from Ethereum’s errors and avoiding them.

The implementation of UBQ’s “flux difficulty algorithm” is perhaps the greatest improvement over its predecessor. This is essential for anybody mining UBQ since the flux algorithm will automatically retarget the difficulty of the following block once each block is completed.

Instead of the wild, unpredictable spikes that many miners experience in BTC and ETH, this allows for a steady rise in the difficulty of mining. For miners, this steady rise implies more profit precision and predictability.

UBQ uses the same proof-of-work mechanism as Ethereum and Ethereum Classic to create a new block every 88 seconds. It also includes decentralized apps (DApps), which are a new building paradigm for more scalable applications, as well as smart-contracts, which are used to facilitate and verify the execution of a contract and are fuelled by the UBQ token as transaction and computation fees.

It’s worth mentioning that smart contracts and DApps aren’t new; in fact, they’re fairly popular these days, yet many initiatives continue to fail. Many problems in the cryptocurrency industry revolve on development teams and what they are capable of. A team that is ill-equipped to foresee future difficulties or resolve issues that occur is a frequent cause of failure.

As a result, projects become so buggy or fragile that we (the customer, miner, trader, or investor) lose faith in their long-term sustainability. Though problems are more common in younger projects, congested networks are a problem that even heavyweights like BTC and ETH are struggling with.

Fortunately, UBQ has a seasoned development team that has continuously contributed to the crypto-community via innovation and invention. To top it off, Julian Yap, one of my personal favorite engineers, leads the team.

Julian Yap, who is he?

Julian Yap is the lead developer and genius of UBQ, without going too gushy about him or his work. Before joining UBQ, Yap worked on Bittrex, another cryptocurrency named Decred (DCR), and blocktech, in addition to making many contributions to Github.

What is the best way to mine Ubiq and why should you do it?

Ubiq makes the bold claim that it is enterprise-stable and has transparent governance. Ubiq is an Ethereum hard fork. They made a little change to the code. On their platform, they still have a functioning version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, and code execution is comparable for smart contracts and Dapps. Their source code is available to the public and may be seen.

They maintain their stability by following a well-defined and conservative update plan. Ubiq does not offer frequent upgrades or hard forks, unlike other smart contract systems. They’ve concentrated on writing bug-free code. This is ideal for businesses with a long-term strategy that want to implement smart contracts in phases to build a full blockchain ecosystem for specific projects.

For companies with limited resources, having to repeat the same project is a deal-breaker. Several decades later, federal departments in the United States are still utilizing Windows 3.1. COBOL and Fortran computer languages are also used by banks to fall into this trap.

Upgrading whole systems is too costly; the risk of moving to better-performing systems and newer coding languages is unquantifiable.

The dangers are the reason for Ethereum’s huge attacks; they follow the silicon valley ethos of “move fast and damage stuff.” This is not allowed in a production stable environment, such as Bitcoin, since it has much too much intrinsic value and can’t be broken on a whim or tested to see how the code would impact the project’s operability. This is why bitcoin isn’t Turing complete either.

Ubiq is back on track. They had no pre-emptive rights and performed a fair launch, as well as opting out of development costs. The project didn’t even have an initial coin offering (ICO). While they claim that this would help them comply with regulatory requirements, we remain skeptical since tokens are securities.

Tokens are commodities/raw materials that are used as inputs to produce outputs, similar to how paper and ink are used to create a book. Ubiq UBQ is a 100% Proof of Work (POW) smart contract platform based on Ethereum.

Why is Ubiq being mined? Ubiq is a platform that also includes tokens. Because it’s an Ethereum split, it’s conceivable. This currency is based on the well-proven Ethereum codebase. Ubiq mining is lucrative. Furthermore, the coin is simple to use and offers you with one-click answers. It maintains a single dashboard from which you can access and monitor all of your hives.

With a simple click, you can monitor your daily performance and access maintenance functions with UBQ. Because the dashboard is housed in the cloud, it can be accessed from anywhere at any time. This coin identifies the visitor and grants them entry to the appropriate network (if you are a guest, you will be connected to the guest network).

How to Mine Ubiq in 2021: Is it Worth it Anymore?


How to Mine Ubiq – Ubiq Mining

Ubqminer, PhoenixMiner, TT-Miner, and Nanominer are among the Ubiq miners’ options. We utilized the Claymore Miner, which is a more complicated solution that can be used on more currencies and has a lot of customizing options. Claymore Miner is also plug-and-play, so it’s not a terrible option.

We suggest BitcoinTalk if you want to learn more about Claymore Miner. Claymore Miner is simple to use and set up. Because you need to reach the start, you must be careful where you install the files. In a few moments, I’ll upload the dat file. After that, click next and complete.

Unfortunately, Claymore Miner is no longer maintained; nevertheless, it is identical to Claymore Miner, and you must remember your install location. In addition, you must pay a charge to utilize the mining software.


How to Mine Ubiq in 2021: Is it Worth it Anymore?


Pools of Ubiq Mining

You’re nearly ready to start mining now that everything is set up. The next step is to decide which pool to utilize. While we don’t suggest MaxHash for network decentralization, we do recommend it for profit maximization. Look into UbiqPool.io if you care about the project and aren’t simply in it for the money. They are rated second in terms of hash power.

UbiqPool.io costs 0.5 percent, compared to MaxHash’s current variable price of 1% to 2.5 percent.

Statistically, the bigger the mining pool’s hashing power, the more likely you are to be paid for mining a block collectively. MaxHash is much larger than UbiqPool.IO, but more on it later.

If you’re looking for additional Mining pools, Ubiq and MiningPoolStats are both excellent places to start.


How to Mine Ubiq in 2021: Is it Worth it Anymore?


Minerpool Ubiq

You’re ready to configure the start.dat file after you’ve chosen your Ubiq miner pool. Open the start.dat file in notepad, and depending on the miner, setup may be as easy as copying and pasting a single line or as difficult as hours of study to figure out each argument/input. wallet

The Stratum Proxy for MaxHash may be found on this page. Copy the code beginning with Statum and ending with a port number and paste it in place of STRATUM PROXY. After that, type in your own wallet address, being sure to double-check it.

The last step is to input your worker’s name, which may be anything as long as there are no spaces. If you have more than one miner and need to solve an issue, worker names come in handy.

Remember to save the setup file. If you run into any problems at this stage, you may execute the start.dat file. Check your configuration and, just in case, switch your computer off and on again. If it doesn’t work, your best buddy is BitcoinTalk. You will be assisted if you ask politely in their community.

Just keep in mind to look for a solution first. Many individuals have had the same difficulties as you. If you can’t discover anything useful, feel free to ask for assistance. Reddit may also be useful.

If your computer is mining, check to see what your hash rate is per GPU or graphics card, and make any required changes to the Stratum Proxy. Then comes the fun part: crunching figures for maximum profit.

How to Mine Ubiq in 2021: Is it Worth it Anymore?


Wallet by Ubiq

Ubiq offers many options for storing your money. We still wouldn’t suggest their browser-based wallets Pyrus and Sparrow if you’re a gambler who enjoys taking chances (Chrome Browser Extension). Pyrus creates everything on the client side and guarantees that your keys will never be exposed to the internet.

This isn’t to say you’re not vulnerable to browser or computer exploits. A browser is simpler to attack than an operating system, but your setup and best practices will determine this. Sparrow has the same dangers as Sparrow, however it does provide you access to Dapps.

Fusion Wallet is a desktop application. While it is safer, the risk-to-reward ratio is not as favorable. Unless you’re learning about mining and aren’t looking to generate a lot of money, we suggest using this wallet to acquire a feel for the game.

DexWallet, a mobile wallet, provides Equal risk, which we do not recommend. You may also utilize Guarda wallets, which are cross-platform compatible. For a more sophisticated wallet, Gubiq (Server) is available, which includes features such as staking.

Using your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallets is the only thing we suggest. This level of security cannot be replaced. Unless you like wasting hours trying to find out a technical solution, in which case the Glacier Protocol is a great option.

While we encourage using hardware wallets, if you use the Fusion desktop wallet on your mining PC, you’ll need to sync it to the blockchain to prevent payment failures caused by pool issues. It’s preferable to be safe than sorry. Create and remember a strong password for whichever wallet you use.



Ubiq is an Ethereum hard fork that exists outside of the Ethereum ecosystem. The goal of this suggestion was to improve blockchain security. Using Ethash mining rig rentals, a unique mining algorithm reduces the odds of a 51 percent assault. Ubiq’s goal to separate from Ethereum and become an independent blockchain network is progressing thanks to an unique algorithm.

Hopefully, this essay on how to mine Ubiq made it clear that mining for profit isn’t simple; it requires a significant amount of time and money in study and testing. As a result, we do not recommend mining Ubiq. If you really want to buy Ubiq, mine a more lucrative currency and utilize the profits to buy it.

Unfortunately, we highly advise against purchasing Ubiq since MaxHash controls more than 51% of the network’s mining capacity. This exposes Ubiq users to 51 percent assaults, since MaxHash is the king of transaction processing. They have the ability to refuse any payment or double-spend currency.

More information on the project may be found on their Reddit, Twitter, Discord, BitcoinTalk, GitHub, and Blog. This project, which has a market value of $2.5 million and is rated in the top 500, is worth taking a look at. They’re still writing code and building a fantastic platform. We can’t bring ourselves to own their tokens, even if we support them in spirit.

The ubqminer is a tool that helps to mine Ubiq. It was originally designed for Nvidia GPUs, but has since been ported to AMD and Intel GPU’s as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth mining 2021?


Is mining ethereum profitable 2021?

It is difficult to say if mining ethereum is profitable in 2021. The price of the cryptocurrency has recently dropped, but this is likely due to a number of factors that are not related to mining profitability.

Is UBIQ a good investment?

UBIQ is a very good investment.

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