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How to Use Harmonic Pattern V5 Scanner for MT4 and MT5 (Complete Guide)

by Serge Shlykov

The harmonic pattern scanner is a very useful tool to view the latest price action of any coins or tokens. When using the tools, it is easy to spot the potential trading opportunities for any coin or token. The tool gives you the ability to view coins’ price charts. It’s designed to work with the most popular trading platforms, algorithmic traders, and exchange platforms.

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Harmonic patterns are used for various calculations in trading, such as identify candlestick reversal patterns, volume analysis, price action, etc. It can also be used for technical analysis in MetaTrader platform. Moeran developed V5 Harmonic Scanner for MetaTrader platform which can be used to discover patterns in any form of data given. This article will show how you can use this scanner for MT4 platform.

Famed for their accuracy, Harmonic Pattern V5 Scanners are one of the best things to happen to binary options trading in years. These time-tested tools are accurate, fast, and easy to use, so you can be in and out of your trades in seconds. The V5 series has everything you need to know about how harmonic patterns work in MT4 and MT5, and you can even use it to automate your trades.

This harmonic Pattern V5 scanner MT4 indicator was created with the MT5 trading strategy in mind. It is a specific time span indicator that may be used on any interval ranging from one minute (M1) to one month (M2) (MN). This is the reason why this indicator is a highly lucrative tool for all types of traders.

Free Harmonic Scanner for MT4 was created as a powerful indicator for traders to use in conjunction with one of the most well-known trading strategies. It aids in having a greater awareness and producing accurate forecasts while trading foreign currency.

Apart from that, it has shown to be the most reliable Harmonic Foreign exchange indicator for detecting Harmonic patterns fast and easily.


If you’ve been following the economy for a while, you’re probably aware that there are eight different types of harmonic patterns. Even experienced traders should find it difficult to explain a certain kind of harmonic pattern. This is where the scanner will be put to its best use, with its contemporary performance and a slew of extra features right out of the box.

Harmonic Patterns Scanner is a tool for observing harmonic patterns using fibonacci ratios as a basis for calculation. The instrument’s primary goal is to correctly identify harmonic patterns in order to improve the accuracy of price action forecasts and trading entry. The Harmonic Pattern Scanner is a foreign exchange tool that identifies and highlights potential harmonic patterns on the charts.

Indicator of Harmonic Scaling

Trading using Harmonic Patterns

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Price Pattern with Harmony

An indicator plane will appear in the upper right corner of your screen, providing vital information such as Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, among other things. If you like, you may additionally attach the layout indication.

This indicator may be used to modify a variety of intervals and currency pairs.


For individuals who like trading with harmonic patterns on the chart, a trading instrument was created. As most of you are aware, such designs emerge on the market fairly often. It is critical to locate them quickly and identify any of the eight types available. They include the following:

[ ] Cypher ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( [ ] Bat [ ] Shark Bat alternate [ ] [ ] Gartley [ ] Butterfly Deep crab and crab

How to Use Harmonic Pattern V5 Scanner for MT4 and MT5 (Complete Guide)


To properly use the scanner, you must first review certain guidelines for entering or exiting the market with a purchase situation:

  • If you see the green candlestick crash the dot extend from above, you must enter with a buy position.
  • The design or cost is supposed to shift overhead the extent in a cash pair.
  • Dealers are obliged to leave the market when the cost bar begins to go below the level.

V9 of the Pattern Indicator

Technical criterion


If you’re looking for the best place to join or leave the market in a sell scenario, you’ll need to look at the following:

  • When the ornament proceeds beneath the dot extent, it is a good time to sell.
  • When the cost bar falls below that level, you must execute the sell order.
  • It’s time to get out of the market now that the cost bar has started moving above.

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