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NFT thief returns 88 ETH ($368,000) after stealing from CreatureToadz |

by Serge Shlykov

A CreatureToadz player named “sirbob” reported the theft of 88 ETH from their wallet to the blockchain. The thief, who had been playing for a few days before taking the money, returned it after being shamed by other players and losing interest in the game.

The what is nft art is a question that I have seen come up on the CreatureToadz subreddit. NFT stands for native token and it’s used in games to create digital assets that can be traded or sold.

A hacker masquerading as a moderator persuaded community members to transfer 88 ETH to an address he controlled yesterday, stealing approximately $340,000 from the Creature Toadz NFT project. He did, however, return all of the stolen assets to the project in an unexpected turn of events.

Members of the Creature Toadz group were defrauded of $340,000 by a hacker.

The hacker, whose Twitter handle is HEERR, was able to get access to the project’s Discord server and hijack the channel by exploiting a Webhooks vulnerability on the social networking site.

They then pretended to be a project administrator before inviting unsuspecting members of the community to “stealth mint” Creature Toadz through a web link.

Before the users realized it was a scam, they had collectively transferred 88ETH to the hacker’s address, which is approximately $368,000. The NFT crew at Creature Toadz reported that their channel had been hacked for almost 45 minutes.

While the hacker subsequently returned all of the stolen money to the project’s crew, his motives are being questioned, with some comparing him to the hacker who infiltrated Poly Network but later returned the funds.

Some members of the project’s community, on the other hand, think he only returned the stolen money because his identity was uncovered by an analyst who was also a member of the project’s community.

How his true identity was discovered

Following the hacker’s Ethereum transaction history, an anonymous NFT analyst, OKHotShot, was able to determine that the hacker was HEERR, who claimed to be “a 17-year-old high school student” and that the attack was merely intended to be “a joke.”

[email protected] When I discovered the fraudster was (is) in our area, I confronted him immediately, telling him to “do the right thing and return the ETH.” Now it seems that the scammer paid attention and refunded the 88 ETH to team: pic.twitter.com/3KnHfMBTcz

— @NFTherder (@OKHotshot.eth) October 20, 2021

The aforementioned information was disclosed after a Twitter conversation between Andrew Wang and the Creature Toadz community, during which the hacker openly admitted responsibility for the attack. During this conversation, OKHotShot pleaded with the hacker to restore the team’s stolen money.

The hacker returned the money to the Creature Toadz team after the session, and the team decided not to pursue charges against the perpetrator.

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NFT thief returns 88 ETH ($368,000) after stealing from CreatureToadz |

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