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Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards- A Look at the OG Collectibles That Started the NFT Madness

by Serge Shlykov

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In recent months, the non-forced chip (NFT) scene has exploded, with many celebrities jumping on the bandwagon, high-turnover auctions and even some controversy on the sidelines. Many people don’t realize how old NFT collectibles are, as years ago developers and artists created NFTs like Nilicoins (Arctoins), Rare Pepe trading cards and Curio cards. As the NFT boom reaches new heights, these old NFTs are being sought out again and sold at auctions.

Coloured coins and nickels

The NMT ecosystem has grown exponentially, and everyone seems to be on board with this trend. Digital artists selling NFTs have made millions at auctions, and now many celebrities and socialites are bringing in NFTs as well.

The NFT space is very popular, but the concept is not new, as bitcoin technology has been around for many years on the Bitcoin network (BTC) and other networks. The Colored coin technology was first mentioned by Yoni Assiy in an article titled Bitcoin 2.X (aka Colored Bitcoin) – initial specs, published in 2012.

craze Neely Lerner introduced Nilicoins in 2014 to create his Artoins. In addition, Lerner has issued branded assets over the years such as the Apple coin, the Coca-Cola coin and the eBay coin. However, in 2014, people did not understand what Lerner’s Nilicoides was for or why she created it.

Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards- A Look at the OG Collectibles That Started the NFT Madness

That same year, developers began to really explore the concept of asset-based cryptocurrencies, as outlined in a 2012 white paper by J.R. Willet’s Mastercoin. The concept of asset-linked cryptocurrencies, candy tokens, and unreadable tokens really started to catch on with projects like Counterparty, Omni Layer Protocol, and then Ethereum.

For example, on September 14, 2014, artist Neelie Lerner announced that she would be offering her Nilicoins (works of art), including brands such as eBay coin, Coca Cola coin and Apple coin. The Twitter creator recently spoke about the old project and said people didn’t understand it at the time.

Nilicoins’ tweet said:

Crypto-Art’s first work was a legacy: Made in 2014 and marked with a fraud warning for misunderstanding.

Genesis Magic and Rare Pepe cards

Then, in April 2015, the Spell of Genesis project, built on Counterparty (XCP), made waves by introducing a card game on blockchain. Genesis Spells (SoG) released trading cards, which were among the first NFTs, and a token called Bitcrystals, which is used for the native SoG currency.

Spells of Genesis (SoG) has released unreadable token trading cards (NFT). SoG presents itself as the first blockchain-based mobile game.

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Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards- A Look at the OG Collectibles That Started the NFT Madness

After the hype surrounding SoG, the Bitcoin.com news feed got wind of NFT collectors called Rare Pepe Trading Cards in October 2016. Due to the growing popularity of the Rare Pepe trading card community, the developers have launched a trading card fund, portfolio and directory.

On the other hand, the rarest of all Pepe cards, Lord Keck (made in only 10 copies), traded for $22,720 or 1,600 XCP in 2017. Satoshi Nakamoto’s first batch of Rare Pepe trading cards (300 in circulation) also traded for $2,000. The Rare Pepe trading card owner community still meets regularly on the official Telegram channel.

NFT craze Rare Pepe trading cards are not the first NFTs built with a blockchain, but they can be considered the most amazing. Rare Pepe’s most coveted trading card is the infamous Lord Keck card, as only ten cards were made. In addition, the makers made sure to split a ten-pack of Lord Keck NFT and spread the dust of this card down the chain.

Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards- A Look at the OG Collectibles That Started the NFT Madness

The community still holds auctions from time to time, and one of the original members of the project, Theo Goodman, auctioned off some rarities this week.

According to members of the Rare Pepe community, the crew will consist of 3 people. In April, there will be a bidding war with Pranksy’s Crypto Punk against the exclusive rare Pepe Nakamoto card. Rare members of the Pepe community have revealed that you can participate in the auction through the Telegram auction house and on Futureart.io. In addition, the original NFT Lord Keck will also be on display at the Futureart.io art exhibition in Sydney.

Bitcoin curio cards see new question

Another project that followed the success of the Rare Pepe cards is another series of trading cards called Curio Cards. In the summer of 2017, the Bitcoin.com newsroom interviewed Thomas Hunt, also known as Mad Bitcoins, about a new blockchain-based collection project he called Curio Cards.

NFTs still exist, and several Curio Cards artists, such as. B. Luis Buenaventura, have been creating art with crypto themes for years. Buenaventura is the creator of Cryptopop and co-creator of littlebitcoinbook.com. Other artists involved in the Curio Cards process include well-known content creators such as Phneep, Cryptograffiti and Marisol Vengas.

NFT craze In 2017, Thomas Hunt, aka Mad Bitcoins, released NFT cards called Curio Cards, which were designed by famous cryptographers.

Nilicoins, Rare Pepe and Curio Cards- A Look at the OG Collectibles That Started the NFT Madness

Buenaventura recently reported that Curio cards are being sold on Opensea.io for Ethereum (ETH), and that there is some demand for them. They are selling a set of my four 2017 Curio cards for 25 ETH, the artist tweeted. I feel like a real FOMO because I don’t own any of my works.

In addition, Buenaventura got an unexpected surprise during the Curio Card experience. One of the Curio Kart collectors found me on Discord and paid me a hefty fee for the secondary sale. And he refused to thank me publicly for it. Wow, my faith in humanity has been restored, he said.

It has already been proven that some NFTs age and increase in value over time, like a fine wine. Many of these old-school NFTs are also valuable for their history, as they were pioneers of the game before the million-dollar Beeple auctions and before any celebrity under the sun chips hit.

What do you think of the non-distorting symbolic assets (NFT) story? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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