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Real Estate firm Harbor Custom Development to Add Support for Digital Asset Payments

by Serge Shlykov

Harbor Custom Developments owners are now able to make payments for real estate transactions using digital assets. The company hopes that investors will see the positive impact this move has on the properties and its users.

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The “harbor custom development reviews” is a real estate firm in California that has announced plans to add support for digital asset payments. The company’s website states that this will allow the firm to expand its services and reach more potential customers.


A Washington-based real estate firm named Harbor Custom Development is the most recent illustration of how cryptocurrency use is advancing. According to reports, the company will begin taking bitcoin payments for condos, houses, flats, and other kinds of real estate.

Harbor Custom Development will accept cryptocurrency payments

According to a recent report, the company will begin accepting cryptocurrency payments on January 24th, 2022, and it has plans to accept a variety of assets. In addition to Bitcoin, the startup intends to support Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu, which is DOGE’s main competition among memecoins.

Jeff Habersetzer, the company’s COO, discussed the recent development and said that include digital currencies in the firm’s real estate products is a natural next step. It exemplifies the company’s adaptable business strategy, which for the time being sets the company apart from its competitors.

Although there have been many potential applications for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in real estate for years, there is still a lot of resistance to their adoption because of the murky legal landscape. In spite of this, Harbor Custom Development’s move to accept cryptocurrency payments might provide it a competitive advantage and position it as a more innovative company.

In addition to Washington, Punta Gorda, Florida, Austin, Texas, and Sacramento, California, the company also sells homes in other states and regions. Not everyone will, however, be able to use cryptocurrency to purchase real estate. Only inhabitants of the aforementioned states will have access to the choice.

Sterling Griffin, the business’s CEO and president, offered his thoughts on the decision, adding that it would enable the company to participate in a developing market with a $1 trillion+ market cap. Additionally, it will provide Harbor a first-mover advantage, which has always been beneficial, particularly in the cryptocurrency industry.

real estate adopting cryptocurrencies

Harbor is not the first company to handle crypto payments in the real estate industry, but it is among the first. Magnum Real Estate Group, a New York-based property management business, began taking Bitcoin payments for the sale of a retail center in Manhattan in September of last year.

Prior to that, Arte Surfside, a Miami Beach building with upscale residences, also offered to sell a beachfront property in return for cryptocurrencies. Although the kind of cryptocurrency used in the transaction was not made public, it is known that it was the most costly residential transaction to date, costing $22.5 million.

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Even before that, a different business named Caruso, one of the top real estate companies in the US, revealed that its renters could pay their rent using Bitcoin. It happened in April of last year. As part of its treasury management plan, Caruso also made an investment in Bitcoin, albeit it never said how much.

In other words, a single business at a time is introducing bitcoin to the real estate industry.

The “harbor development group” is a real estate firm that has announced that they will be adding support for digital asset payments. This will help the company’s clients in their efforts to become more efficient and cost-effective.

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