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Simplex includes Cardano among its cryptocurrencies

by Serge Shlykov

Summary of the situation

  • Simplex, an Israeli cryptocurrency payment system, is adding Cardano to its cryptocurrency offering.
  • Simplex acts as a bridge for payments between crypto-currency companies.

Simplex, an Israeli cryptocurrency payment system, has added Cardano to its cryptocurrency offering. An executive from the company confirmed the news in a tweet: Together with our partner Cardano, we have added ADA to our list. The payment processor now has about 20 digital currencies.

Simplex acts as a bridge for payments between crypto-currency companies. This gateway allows the entrepreneur to exchange real assets for fiat currency. Through the new partnership, which also involves Cardano, users can purchase the assets via wire transfer, credit card, Apple Pay and SEPA.

This new view improves the user experience by allowing you to buy ADA with all 25 currencies on file. These currencies include the euro, the US dollar, the Canadian dollar, the Turkish lira, the yen, the South Korean won and the British pound.

Simplex points out: Interest in Cardano was sparked by the public’s loyalty to his social media system. It is a relevant community with an admirable track record. As the technology gains popularity, investors and developers will learn more about it.

Simple ADA links between your favorite coins


Payment processor Simplex has opened up its ADA token to potential Cardano issuers. The manager says it is a technology that is having a positive impact on the lives of investors. He also suggested that ADA manages user data in a very secure manner and has a good scale to join the international system.

Since its inception in 2014, the payment processor has seen incredible success working with the Visa payment system for the European region. This has put Simplex on the radar of investors in Israel, where the company is headquartered, and other countries.

Simplex Alliance – Cardano: a move that will attractusers.

This company is waiting for the cryptocurrency Cardano, because thousands of users can now buy different currencies. The news would boost the value of the ADA token, which has distinguished itself in the crypto-currency market as the year began with an upward trend.

When the ADA investment begins, the value can double from today. This brand has a bright future ahead of it, thanks to its partnership with Simplex and its good reputation.

ADA is the sixth most popular decentralized currency on the market, with a very large market capitalization. The cryptocurrency is trading around 1.30, but the value could rise further.

After last week’s decline, the stock resumed an upward trend and rose above the $1.00 level. The decline came when Cardano raised its high cap to $1.50. With the latest news, this currency could reach a new historic high.

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