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Top 10 Young Coins that Might Ensure Gains

by Serge Shlykov

The market is continuously evolving with new cryptocurrency projects popping up every day. Here are the top 10 coins that might guarantee gains in 2018 and beyond.

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The “best crypto under 1 cent 2022” is a list of 10 coins that are worth investing in. The coins on this list were chosen because they have the potential to grow exponentially and are still relatively cheap.

Top 10 Young Coins that Might Ensure Gains


Investing in Bitcoin might still be advantageous these days, since BTC is one of the few currencies that will undoubtedly survive in the long run. When it comes to younger cryptocurrencies, though, the potential for making a lot of money is just as good – assuming you can figure out which ones will last.

Because new currencies are only getting started, their values are still relatively low, and they are still far from realizing their full potential. Nobody knows where Bitcoin’s full potential is when it comes to it. It will not be utilized as a global currency because of its limited technological capabilities. However, Bitcoin has the potential to become digital gold, a digital store of wealth, with each coin potentially worth $100,000 to $1,000,000. This, however, is not always the case.

However, we know that the potential of new cryptos with significant use cases that will assure their survival is considerably greater than where they are right now, since they haven’t even begun to reach for it yet. As a result, investing in these nascent currencies now is nearly certain to provide huge returns in the future. With that in mind, here are ten items we expect will happen, and for which we feel investing now, in May 2022, will be advantageous.

Avalanche 1

The first startup on our list is Avalanche, a blockchain project designed specifically for smart contracts. In fact, Avalanche promises to be the quickest project in terms of completion time. Whether it genuinely earns that designation or not is beside the point; the fact remains that it is exceedingly quick, inexpensive to use, and, most importantly, environmentally benign.

One of its most essential characteristics is that it is environmentally friendly. The rising awareness of the crypto industry’s role in polluting the earth has led to a lot of criticism of projects that are destructive to the environment, and Avalanche has already acquired an advantage over projects like Ethereum by guaranteeing that it does not fall into that category. Anyone looking for the greatest chain for dApps will now go there, since their chances of getting their dApp approved are higher, not just because the chain is better and quicker, but also because it is more environmentally friendly.

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Shiba Inu 2

Then there’s Shiba Inu, a relatively new currency inspired by the popularity of Dogecoin, the original memecoin. Shiba Inu was created with no practical use cases in mind, and like DOGE, it was intended to be a fun, intriguing cryptocurrency. While this may seem to indicate that the currency is doomed, DOGE has managed to stay in the top 30 cryptos for the last 9 years, and it even moved to the top 5 list last year, much to everyone’s surprise.

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After DOGE declined a little, Shiba Inu managed to outperform it and move above it. In other words, memecoins don’t follow the typical regulations since their whole nature and purpose are entirely different, which is why, despite the absence of real-world applications, they are so popular and high-ranking.

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3. Infinity Axie

Axie Infinity takes the third place. This is a metaverse project that is presently the world’s biggest blockchain-based game, and it’s only getting started. Axie Infinity is a digital environment where users may purchase NFT-based Axies and use them to fight other players. If they win, they will be paid in AXS, the project’s native currency.

Axies may be purchased or sold in third-party NFT markets, and players can customize them with over 500 body parts. They may also breed them to create new NFTs, which can be sold or enhanced before being utilized in combat. With the rise of blockchain gaming, this is one of the most promising ventures for individuals looking to earn from their investment in a short period of time.

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4. Arweave

Arweave is ranked fourth, and it is a decentralized storage network that aims to provide a platform where data may be saved permanently. It promotes itself as a community-owned hard drive that never forgets, and it hosts the permaweb, a permanent, decentralized web featuring a variety of community-driven applications and services.

When Web3 development achieves its pinnacle and decentralized internet becomes the norm, which is the crypto industry’s current objective, Arweave will be one of the projects that will see a lot of usage.

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We have an intriguing idea named STEPN in fifth place. STEPN bills itself as a Web3 Lifestyle App with GameFi features. Essentially, it combines a play-to-earn strategy with a fitness software to create a new category known as move-to-earn.

What it basically does is sell shoe NFTs, which users can purchase and then walk about in to increase their step count and receive money for. It encourages users to walk more by rewarding them financially, which may result in a healthy lifestyle and more money in your pocket.

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Illuvium, no. 6

Then there’s Illuvium, a metaverse game that bills itself as the first AAA product on the Ethereum network. Illuvium is a game that mixes a variety of elements, such as open-world adventure, PVP, and play-to-earn. It’s a Pokemon-style game with a big environment full of animals known as Illuvials. Players may catch these animals by beating them in combat and then nursing them back to health so that they can fight other players.

It’s an intriguing game that not only provides hours of entertainment but also the opportunity to earn money, meet friends, and be a part of a vibrant and expanding community.

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Band Protocol #7

Band Protocol, a decentralized oracle network based on Cosmos, is the sixth project on our list. While Chainlink was the first to offer oracles, its ties to the Ethereum network restrict its capacity to dominate the market. Due to Cosmos’ tremendous scalability, Band Protocol, on the other hand, can.

Of course, this does not rule out the possibility of Band replacing Chainlink, since the blockchain sector is broad enough for both protocols to find a home. The usefulness of Band Protocol resides in its capacity to bring off-chain data into the blockchain, allowing smart contracts to be more helpful and efficient as a result. Meanwhile, the data it gathers comes from a variety of sources, and it is compared throughout the delivery process to guarantee that only authentic information reaches the blockchain.

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8. Audius

The following project is Audius, which aims to change the music business. The present music business, according to the initiative, has a number of problems, including a lack of clarity about who should control music rights and the fact that middlemen who stand between artists and their communities charge far too much for their services.

As a consequence, music is costly, artists aren’t paid as much as they might be, and big corporations grab the lion’s share of the profits while doing the least amount of effort. Audius provides a forum for producers to freely share their music with their followers, while the initiative compensates the artists. It also intends to provide them the chance to sell premium material, but at a lower price than it is presently, with all proceeds going to the artists.

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9. ApeCoin

ApeCoin is nearing the end of our list. This is a new coin that operates on the Ethereum blockchain and serves as a utility and governance token for the APE ecosystem. As a result, it encourages the development of the APE community at the forefront of Web3. As a governance token, it also enables users to vote on ideas and give suggestions on how to enhance the network.

ApeCoin also gives users access to sections of Ethereum that would otherwise be inaccessible, such as exclusive services, games, and other such things. The project has had a lot of success so far, and even today, when the rest of the crypto sector is trading in the negative, APE has increased by 16 percent in the previous 24 hours alone.

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10. Cardano

Finally, we have Cardano as our final entry. While Cardano is not a new currency, it did finish the second of five development Eras in late 2021, which added smart contracts to its platform. Cardano was essentially revived as a result, and developers and consumers flocked to its platform.

We predict its price to rise once the market permits it, with its currency acquiring many new use cases owing to its capacity to generate all of the most popular blockchain goods. ADA is also a solid long-term investment, considering that Cardano has three more Eras to go before completing its plan.

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Our to-do list is now complete. Each of these cryptocurrencies is on our list because it has a bright future ahead of it. Of course, we can’t promise that everyone will reach their full potential, but it exists. True, investing in them is a risk, but investing in everything is dangerous, and all you have to do is devise a decent risk management approach.

Of course, there are a slew of other currencies with promise, some of which are releasing right now, while others are buried in a sea of coins that will soon vanish. If you go hunting for them, you can come upon some real treasures. However, do your homework before investing in anything, diversify your portfolio, and make sure you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

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