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Top 8 Digital Securities to Keep an Eye on in May 2022

by Serge Shlykov

With the SEC’s new guidelines in place, digital securities are becoming more popular. Investors now have a clearer picture of what they can expect from these investments and how to play them strategically.

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The “best stocks to buy for 2022” are the top 8 digital securities that will be worth investing in over the next year. These securities include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.

Top 8 Digital Securities to Keep an Eye on in May 2022


Digital securities are a subset of blockchain goods that have had a terrible connotation from the start owing to a miscommunication between investors and authorities. Many individuals were aware that financial authorities, like as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), were looking for crypto securities and punishing these initiatives, resulting in many of them collapsing or, worse, dying totally.

As a consequence, many people believe that crypto securities are unlawful or that they will get you into problems or cause you to lose a lot of money. This is not the case, though. The reality is that digital securities are fully legal blockchain goods, and the largest difference between them and conventional, utility cryptos is that digital securities are subject to laws. This, if anything, makes them safer since you have the law on your side.

Regulators were on the lookout for illegitimate securities that were not registered with the authorities but nonetheless offered security tokens. Worse, they pretended to be utility tokens, deceiving investors into purchasing them. This was their crime, and it was for this reason that they were being sued. Registered securities, on the other hand, are totally legal items with which you may trade at any moment. To make it easier for you to get started, we’ve whittled down the list of securities we think are the finest to the following eight:

1. Blockchain Investments

The first business on our list is Blockchain Capital, which has established itself as a major venture capital firm focused on companies that use blockchain technology and/or digital assets. The firm has had a good start to the year, with the NAV (Net Asset Value) of its BCAP tokens rising to more than $26.

Since its inception in 2013, Blockchain Capital has assisted in the funding of more than 75 different blockchain-based businesses. Through its own security token, the company also gave qualified investors with access to top-tier blockchain enterprises. Ethereum, Block.one, Ripple, Coinbase, Paradex, Abra, Harbor, Bancor, and others are just a some of the major investments it has made.

Blockchain Capital has established itself as the top firm in the digital security market as one of the initial movers into the industry, and it is well-deserving of that position.

2. INX

INX is ranked second, claiming to be the first to introduce a new regulated norm. The firm is, of course, properly regulated and constructed in accordance with SEC, EU, and FINRA standards. It provides world-class security and adheres to the strictest security requirements to safeguard the safety of the money it maintains.

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It also plans to provide a spot trading platform for digital currencies and security tokens, as well as a comprehensive crypto trading platform. It also goes for institutional investors, suggesting that it can help them get into the crypto realm. Those that trade on their own are, of course, included and have access to some extremely unusual trading chances.

The platform provides a user-friendly trading experience with uninterrupted trading operations and timely trade assistance for those who need it.


We now have SPICE VC to look forward to. This is a business that understands the power and potential of tokenization, as well as how it is changing the financial sector. According to the company’s website, tokenization is on a fast track to become a multi-billion dollar market, which is why SPICE chose to join in and become a pioneer in this new era of innovation and acceptance.

The project currently provides investors with a broad range of opportunities to participate in the tremendous expansion of the Blockchain ecosystem, including multiple different funds, investments in entrepreneurs, and exposure to the massive growth of the blockchain and tokenization ecosystems.

Bakkt, Securitize, Lottery.com, Ripio, InvestaX, and others are among the many blockchain-related firms in which the corporation has made significant investments. However, the project can be proud of a number of accomplishments, like becoming the first fund dedicated to the tokenization ecosystem, the first completely tokenized VC fund, and the fourth ever digital security. It was also the first digital security to be issued on a globally compatible platform, the first digital security to trade on a regulated exchange, and the first digital security fund to provide holders a direct share of net exits.

4. Blockchain in Science

Science Blockchain is around halfway down the list. This is a fund dedicated to businesses interested in working with blockchain technology. The business was one of the first to use a STO to trade the SCI token. In 2017, the firm performed a security token offering (STO), and its security token is known as SCI.

It was able to generate $12 million during its STO, with its token selling at $1 per unit. In other words, 12 million SCI tokens were sold. The company’s blockchain incubator is a vehicle that works with early-stage blockchain startups in the early stages of development. It provides services such as early token offering incubation, support, investment, and trading. It also aids businesses in the introduction of their token offering. So far, every initiative that has enlisted Science Blockchain’s leadership and support has been a huge success, demonstrating that the organization understands what it’s doing.

5. Protos

Moving on to the sixth position, we have the Protos project. Investors may have access to professionally managed portfolios of digital currency assets and DeFi networks via this organization. Since its inception in 2017, Protos has assisted over 200 investors in gaining exposure to new digital asset classes. It has goods for both cryptocurrency and fiat currency investors.

Since the emergence of the DeFi sector, the firm has expanded its offerings to include DeFi trading and investing information, which has been a huge success. The company also claims to have launched the first compliant tokenized quantitive crypto fund in 2017, as well as one of the first security tokens. The PRTS token, as it is called, is presently owned by investors in 97 countries and can be acquired for as little as $1 per unit, making it accessible to anybody in the globe.

Lottery.com is number six on the list.

Lottery.com is ranked sixth, and it is another of the oldest equities that is being traded today. When it was first formed, it was intended to be utilized for more humanitarian purposes than most. Lottery.com sought to generate money to help address issues that plagued mankind as a whole (and still do). These were urgent demands of individuals from all around the globe, which meant the project would have a lot of work ahead of it.

It did not, however, back down from the task, believing that there is no reason for individuals in the twenty-first century to live lives that are so challenging that they are barely surviving. The initiative began by leveraging worldwide charity raffles to propagate its concept internationally and provide its token holders a 7% income split on ticket sales as a return for their support.

It has also become one of the most popular mobile lottery play services in the United States since its launch. It was also allowed on several sites, and as of 2022, it provides lottery results in over 30 nations.

Aspen Digital (number 7)

Aspen Digital, a cutting-edge, technology-driven digital asset management platform, is nearing the Conclusion of our list. This is a firm that was just founded a year ago, in 2021, but it has already garnered a lot of attention due to its comprehensive and user-friendly solutions for money managers and experienced investors.

External asset managers, investment advisers, affluent people, family offices, securities brokers, and even private bankers have all flocked to the business. The key advantage of working with Aspen is that it provides a comprehensive digital asset product shelf with just one account needed.

Its concept is to bring conventional finance and blockchain technologies together. It also has a specialized staff to assist new customers with the onboarding process and plan implementation.


Finally, there’s INVAO, which is a project with a security token that represents a pool of blockchain assets. The project conducted a STO regulated by Liechtenstein’s FMA, and it chose this approach to guarantee investor trust in its goods. Those who invest in the model may also expect a high level of security.

All blockchain investments, according to the firm, are overseen by professionals, implying that it provides actively managed digital asset portfolios using expert investing methodologies that have been tested and shown to be stable and functioning. Its primary purpose is to outperform Bitcoin in all market cycles, both bullish and negative. Many people have been lured to the firm because of its competitiveness in terms of portfolio quality and management, and we feel it is something you should examine as well.


With that, we’ve come to the conclusion of our list of the top 8 digital securities to watch in May 2022. As you can see, there are a wide range of projects available, demonstrating that there is something for everyone. All you have to do now is look into these projects and others like them on your own and choose one or more to invest in, if you think they’re worthwhile.

The information above should serve as an excellent starting point, but we strongly advise you to do your own research. You may agree with our judgment and believe the listed stocks are fantastic investment prospects, or you may believe that there are better ideas available, which is completely OK. Just be sure to do your own research and make sure you understand what you’re doing and why you’re doing it before you make a decision.

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