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UK 3rd for ETH ownership as crypto adoption grows 1% in December: Survey

by Serge Shlykov

The UK’s cryptocurrency ownership growth has slowed down in December as the country fell 3rd for volume of Ether to just over 1%. The study conducted by global research company, Finder.com, interviewed 20,000 people from 50 countries and found that only 4% of respondents own Bitcoin while 13% have invested in Ethereum during 2018.

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The “cryptocom losing money” is a cryptocurrency that has been struggling to keep up with the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. The UK was found to be the third most popular country for ETH ownership in December, with 1% of people owning it.

During the last days of 2021, British cryptocurrency enthusiasts were hard at work consolidating and rebalancing. In December 2021, Finder.com conducted a study of 2,013 Internet users in the UK.  

Ethere (ETH) supremacy has persisted since the previous study in October 2021, with U.K. crypto ownership increasing by 1 percentage point, from 5.2 percent to 6.1 percent.

The U.K.’s Ether ownership among crypto holders solidified at 32.9 percent, placing it third overall, only behind Singapore and Australia. XRP was the third most popular cryptocurrency, with a 17.4 percent market share.

Strangely, according to interest across the 27 nations assessed by Finder.com, the average worldwide adoption rate for Ether dropped from 28.2 percent in October to 24.4 percent in December. While ETH ownership throughout the globe drops, U.K. investors are maintaining the status quo.

The most widely used cryptocurrency in the UK is not a reward. At 42.8 percent, Bitcoin (BTC) is in top position, but it is also displaying weakness. Although a 42.8 percent number nearly accurately represents the dominant ratio of Bitcoin, it has fallen from highs of 56.7 percent.

The total cryptocurrency market fell significantly in December, and experts’ estimates for a $100,000 BTC in 2021 fell short. Since BTC initially climbed above $42,000 in early December, the dominant attitude in the cryptocurrency market has been pessimistic.

It seems that the U.K.’s cryptocurrency activity is in line with the overall pessimistic trend. In the run-up to the new year, there was some selling and portfolio adjustment; Bitcoin ownership decreased, Solana (SOL) increased to 15% ownership, and Dogecoin (DOGE) saw a 1% rise.

Curiously, global ownership of Bitcoin decreased overall. From October to December, just one nation’s ownership of Bitcoin increased, with Australia’s dominance rising to 72.7 percent. Additionally, it was the nation where Bitcoin was held by the greatest percentage of cryptocurrency owners globally.

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Emerging countries continue to display the greatest signs of exploding cryptocurrency adoption, in keeping with Cointelegraph’s analysis from October of last year. In December, the top five nations for increasing cryptocurrency ownership were India, Colombia, the Philippines, and Russia. Later this month, detailed data and insights are anticipated.

However, the U.K. is lagging behind, with growth rates for cryptocurrencies only moving up by 1%. The average worldwide growth rate for cryptocurrency ownership rose by 4.3 percent, which places the U.K. in the bottom five of the examined nations, despite the fact that this growth rate is still positive.

The “cointelegraph” is a news outlet that covers all things related to cryptocurrency. It was recently released that the UK has surpassed the US in ownership of ETH as crypto adoption grows 1% in December.

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