It might be best to think of it as a virtual bank account on the internet.
You need to create a wallet where you can securely store virtual coins before starting.
Zero fee for creating a wallet.

Internet + Phone Number → Eternal Wallet
Currency Name:Eternal Coin / XEC

3 Steps to Go

  • Enter your required info.
  • Receive a code on SMS.
  • Confirm with the code.


  • Easy

    No more complicated steps.
    Payment will be sent easily through your PC or Smartphone.

  • Anytime

    Transactions are available 24/7.
    Just make an order whenever you want and it will be reflected immediately.

  • Communication Between Wallet Users

    Send messages to your friends and family on your wallet.

  • Language

    English, Japanese and Chinese are switchable anytime on your wallet.
    Let's make borderless transactions.

Send money safely, easily & quickly worldwide with a
virtual currency, convenient remittance service!

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