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Xiaomi accepts payments in crypto in Portugal

by Serge Shlykov

Crypto is a buzzword used for describing digital currencies and assets that are based on blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the most well-known digital currency, followed by Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and Ripple.

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Xiaomi, a tech company based in China, is also based in Portugal. The Portuguese government is investing 3.5 million euros in the company. The first thing that strikes you when you visit their headquarters is the huge number of people working there. It is not only the people who design and develop the phones that Xiaomi sells in Portugal, but a huge number of lower-level employees. All of this makes it possible for Xiaomi to incorporate crypto-payments into their business.

The European Union is full of surprises, and one of the latest is that Xiaomi has opened a new office in Portugal. The Chinese smartphone maker, headed by billionaire Lei Jun, entered the European Union in July, and has already opened an office in Berlin, increasing its footprint in the region. The new office opens today in Porto, and will be employed by the company’s European business development team, headed by Martin Santos, a Portuguese native who previously represented the company in Spain.

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• In Europe, Portugal is one of the main proponents of cryptocurrencies. • In its Portuguese shop, Xiaomi allows Ethereum, Bitcoins, Tether, Dash, and the native Utrust token as forms of payment.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity, and Xiaomi, China’s most popular tech firm, has taken measures to enable their acceptance. At the not-too-distant future, the internet behemoth will accept cryptocurrency payments in its shops. The company’s headquarters in Portugal have taken the first step toward promoting cryptocurrency payments by utilizing BTC and Ether as its primary tokens.

In Portugal, Xiaomi fans may now purchase their mobile devices and accessories using cryptocurrency. This news about cryptocurrency demonstrates how large the industry is and how acceptance has steadily grown over time.

Bitcoin payments for Xiaomi technology

Xiaomi’s decision to accept crypto payments comes after Amazon once again refused to accept them. After reports surfaced that the wholesale shop had started to take cryptocurrency, Amazon confirmed that it would not accept Bitcoin as payment for the time being. This news may have temporarily impacted Bitcoin, but it soon rebounded and is now trading at $44772.

On Xiaomi’s website, “Mi Store Portugal” is listed as the company’s first crypto-accepting location. The smartphone firm has said that it would take Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, and Dash, among other prominent coins.

All residents of Portugal may now use Bitcoin to purchase mobile phones and accessories from Xiaomi. Watches, vacuum cleaners, scooters, and other devices are also available at the European technology shop. This payment option may be extended in the near future, making the IT firm a cryptocurrency booster.

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The tech brand partnered with cryptocurrencies payments platform Utrust to give the service good support. The company will even accept the platform’s native crypto, Utrust, at its headquarters in Portugal.

“Mi Store Portugal” is a cryptocurrency store in Portugal.

Xiaomi has grown in the technological industry, surpassing Apple, according to Pedro Maia, marketing agent at “Mi Store Portugal.” Samsung was recently overtaken by the Chinese brand. However, it was demoted when the South Korean firm unveiled its new gadget.

Xiaomi, according to Maia, aims to satisfy cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Mi, an abbreviation for Xiaomi, is also creative, according to Maia, and will not disregard the new financial trend.

In Europe, Portugal has been a crypto-friendly nation, with many people adopting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This is incongruent, given that other countries, such as the United Kingdom, have attempted to regulate the virtual market.

Samsung is also attempting to join the cryptocurrency market, although the firm has yet to make an official statement about bitcoin adoption. Samsung launched its Blockchain wallet in 2019, but little progress has been made in accepting cryptocurrency payments in its shops.

The world’s second-largest smartphone vendor has said it will accept cryptocurrency as payment in Portugal. In its first month after launching its cryptocurrency exchange, the company said it had received requests from local users to use Bitcoin for payments for goods and services at its stores in the country.. Read more about does luno work in portugal and let us know what you think.

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